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19 February 2011 @ 08:34 pm

I never realized Tata sang the Thai version of 'Part of Your World' in The Little Mermaid! she must of been only about nine or ten at the time (but she was officially 'discovered' when she was eleven, so I'm not sure)

Either way, its gorgeous. :)
06 February 2011 @ 03:41 pm
No post since October? MY GOD. But I have some news! Tata has recently been made a Make A Wish Foundation ambassador. As most of you know, Make A Wish is for children who are terminally ill and of course, Make A Wish provides them with one wish. Details here. I never knew Thailand had their own Make A Wish "branch" or what ever its called until now.


I'm thinking about changing the community layout and updating the links list. So, new look soon kids!
02 October 2010 @ 10:11 pm
Whoa! long time no posting. So sorry guys, I've been pretty busy with uni and stuff. And there hasn't been any actual Tata news out there. But here is the Thai version of 'My Bloody Valentine' and 'Ready for Love' the lead singles of her 'Ready For Love' album.

I understand both languages and personally, I like 'Ready for Love' in Thai better and 'My Bloody Valentine' in English. :P
12 April 2010 @ 09:16 pm
Sorry for the absence everyone! university has pretty much taken over my life for a bit. But anyways, it seems that Tata has released a new Remix album! check out the youtube vid for the samples:

1.Mission Is You -Frankmusik Remix
2.Mission Is You - Joe Echo Remix
3.Ready For Love - REMIX by DJ Suketu Feat Aks - Bhangra house remix
4.Ready For Love - REMIX by DJ Suketu Feat Aks – Bhangra house remix [with Punjabi vocals]
5.Ready For Love - REMIX by DJ Suketu Feat Aks Bhangra house remix [withOUT Punjabi vocals]
6.Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy - DJ Rajiv Bollywood Remix
7.Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy - Futon Remix
8.I Believe - DDP Remix
9.Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy – Japanese Version
10.I Believe - Japanese Version
11.I Think of You - Japanese Version

Source: tatayoungworld.com
27 November 2009 @ 06:25 pm
It appears that Perez Hilton digs Tata Young. I don't dig him though.

This is what he has to say

01 November 2009 @ 09:26 pm
Worth watching, the making of 'Ready For Love'

I love it when she speaks English, she makes me so proud. *sniff*
13 October 2009 @ 10:38 pm

Love the 20's theme, don't get the video what so ever...:/
A Conversation With MyKe Brown,Manager Of Tata Young and One Movement Speaker

Not content with simply managing Asia’s undisputed Queen Of Pop - and One Movement Music Showcase Festival artist - Tata Young , Myke Brown will participate in the MUSEXPO Asia Pacific aspect of One Movement to impart his knowledge of all things management and mentorship. Andrew McMillen connected with Mr Brown from his home in Thailand for an insight into his scheduled One Movement appearance.

Andrew: Myke, you’re bringing Tata Young to Australia forthe first time in October. What are your goals for her appearance at the One Movement for Music showcase festival?
Myke : I think our goals with these kinds of events are always the same. That is, to bring her music from the East to the West, and put her on a platform that is multinational. I think our expectation is no more than that. We continue to try to be on international platforms that have artists from around the world, and we’re extremely excited about being in Perth, and being part of OneMovement. Tata is very honored to be part of that, but I think the only message we’re trying to bring is we’re going to bring what we normally do and hopefully we’re able to share that with everyone.

In your mind, what makes a good artist or band manager? What skills and personality traits are required to succeed in that kind of role?
I think the most primary thing goes back to the very basics, an extreme amount of understanding and patience. In the States, when I traveled around different acts, there was a real simple, common thread there. You came from the same culture and you understood, on the language basis, what was going on. Sure, there was miscommunication from time to time, but basically, you were on the same page.

In Asia, you hop over one country and you’re in a completely different language. When you sit in a room, doing a show somewhere, if you’re a band manager you have to be able to communicate on not only language levels but cultural levels. Sometimes, you just can’t go to the boss. You’re looked down at; you’re circumventing that person and giving them no respect. All of these rules have to be understood. To understand these rules, you do have to be extremely patient to be an artist in this realm, more so than in the States or parts of Europe; you really have to approach things very carefully and very patiently. I think, for both parties, that’s probably very important.

One thing that is probably on top of that is respect for the culture, how they do things, and then trying to have the patience and understanding to go along with it. It’s just a monumental task for a lot of people. For those who understand, they do move slowly and they don’t bark out orders. They move through it like water.

Tata is one of the biggest names in the Asian music market but she’s not established in Australia. How do you go about planning for when you bring unfamiliar acts to a country like Australia?
Bringing any new act into any new market is always tough. Australia will also be a challenge. We feel we’re very well prepared. We do plan on releasing in Australia this year and it will probably sometime after the One Movement festival. Actually, we have the wheels in motion currently. I think this will be a bit of a taste for the Australian audience to see Tata, a sneak-peek preview. That’s how we’re handling the market right now. We’ll have Tata come in and we’ll hope for the best.

I’m supposing you’ve been to a lot of music conferences during your career. As a delegate, what do you aim to gain from these kinds of events?
I don’t really feel like I go there to gain. On this particular one,One Movement, I don’t see that I can shed light on everything, but maybe just a hint of light on the way Asians think and the way westerners can do business in Asia. Sure, everyone goes to the conferences to gain some knowledge.

I always like going there because first of all, it’s always fun to do the Asian thing, which is meet people, then meet them again, and over a period of years they become your friend, and at some point maybe we cando business together. It’s the element of trust that we all strive for,and most westerners will try to strive for that through the hardships or the test of doing business together. Asians will do it the other way; they’ll trust first and then do business. I guess what I would get out of conferences is I hope that whatever I can contribute to it can help at least one person, which would be wonderful. I would hope to gain some friends, and be able to shed a little light.

One Movement’s tagline is “Artist, Industry, Fan United.”What’s the one thing you think needs to change in order to unite the music industry with its artists and fans?

To me, it looks like there should be more glue than that. That’s my initial impression. I think one of the key things is cultural understanding. From my perspective, from my seat, that’s what I really would like to see more of. Having something like One Movement put together internationally, sometimes people only think about Western bases. I see understanding everyone’s cultural differences as the glue to answering that question. I think once that’s understood, I believe that everything else will come together. Without that glue of cultural understanding, I think the music industry will just keep going on with what it’s doing.

...Shame she's not coming to Brissy *tear* so I can see her again for the *cough* 4th time *cough*

Source: http://www.onemovementword.com
22 August 2009 @ 09:15 pm

• TATA YOUNG, Thailand's very own superstar and singer of the smash hits 'I Believe', 'Dhoom Dhoom' & 'El Nin-Yo!' whose international fame has won her Best International Female Artist Awards from India and Platinum Awards from Japan is back with her 3rd English album, READY FOR LOVE.

• Today she's coming back with her latest studio album entitled 'Ready For Love' which is the perfect blens of R & B and pop dance, her signature style. The album uniquely represents the mixture of Asian music and European groove that goes togeather well. As for Tata, she has a lot of vocal improvements and various singing techniques.

• The album was produced, recorded and mixed in Berlin, Germany by European top songs production. All 12 tracks of this album were selected from 1800 songs! 0_0

• Ready For Love, the 1st single, also the album title, was written by a famous British songwriter, 'Mark Taylor' (Grammy Award Winner for Record Producer). He has produced and written for artists such as Cher, Enrique Iglesias, Britney Spears, James Morrison, Nelly Furtado, Pussycat Dolls, Lionel Richie, Daniel Bedingfield, The Ordinary Boys, Diana Ross, Rod Stewart, Tina Turner and Kylie Minogue.

• Theres many interesting songs on the album like R&B ballad song: My Bloody Valentine which is going to be promoted as the 2nd single, Electronic dance tune in 'Mission Is You' (3rd Single) and 'Perfection' which was co-written by Leona Lewis. Another beautiful ballad in the album, 'Burning Out' was written by Sabastian Thott (who has written for Celine Dion and Westlife).

• Besides having great songs, Tata got a Korean Director "Rainmaker Cho", Asia's top director who has worked with Korean superstar, Rain, Taiwan's top male artist, Wang Lee Hom and American singer, Jenifer Alba, to bring the best of Tata through the video for Ready For Love.

• Ready For Love music video and the making of are featured on enhanced CD.

1. Ready for Love
2. Mission is You
3. Burning Out
4. My Bloody Valentine
5. Ugly
6. Shine Like a Superstar
7. Suffocate
8. Words are not Enough
9. Perfection
10. Boys will be Boys
11. Love is the Law
12. Exposed
Music Video “Ready For Love”
Making Of “Ready For Love”

...Wow, this album sounds amaziiinnnggg!
29 July 2009 @ 10:21 pm

Thoughts? I'd say its very 'innocent' compared to her other stuff. But I like it though!

Track listing for "Ready For Love" album:

1.Ready For Love (1st single)
2.Mission is You
3.Burning Out
4.My Bloody Valentine
6.Shine Like a Superstar
8.Words are not Enough
9.Perfection (written by Leona Lewis)
10.Boys will be Boys
11.Love is the Law