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12 July 2009 @ 04:50 pm

I personally think that her other songs are better, but it grows on you...thoughts?
21 June 2009 @ 10:06 pm

To all you fans, Tata Young is ready for love,
READY FOR LOVE : Asia Premiere this July 1st !!

She's ready to go internatinally once again. This time Tata Young comes up with her 3rd English album which is going to surprise her fans with great production. All the songs were recorded in Berlin, German. And her latest look was designed by a Korean team. (hence a baby doll Korean like look!)

The 1st single is Ready for Love: Will premiere on July 01.09 in Asia. The music video for Ready For Love will be shot at the end of this month and will be released on July 08.09 The MV location is in Thailand, Sony Music has got a Top Asian Director who has worked with Rain, Jay Chou & Wang Lee Hom, Mr. Rain Maker Chao is responsible for MV shooting.


08 June 2009 @ 02:15 pm
First off: NEW LAYOUT! tata_fans what do you guys think?

So sorry! its been long since my last Tata up-date, shes been kind of 'secretive' about her new album which all of us are desperate to hear, because I know I'm!

According to the Bangkok Post Tata is campaigning to save the OZONE. You go girl!

Tata said she is proud to be an ambassador for such a good cause.

"The ozone is something we do not see. But now, you have to look closer at it. Look at spray cans - instead of using spray cans for mineral water, you can use simple stuff," Tata told the audience at the launch of the campaign at the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Thailand (FCCT) on May 20.

Are there any controversies arising from Tata's campaign to save the ozone?

Probably not. The singer said her campaign will focus on informing people and advocating realistic changes such as patronising only CFC-free products.

"We are not here today to tear the air-conditioners apart, but to tell people to see things that they did not see,"she said.

Phasing out is not a hard thing to do. Consumers can look for "CFC-free" labels and house or car owners can use CFC-free coolants in their air-conditioners.

Read the rest here. Even Doraemon gets a mention!
02 March 2009 @ 05:14 pm
3 New songs leaked off of Tata's yet to be named English album:

1.My Bloody Valentine (written by Fridolin, Alex James and busbee)
2.Rain (written by zebra1, Tim Hawes, Obi Mhondera)
3.Suffocate (written by zebra, 1Tim Hawes, Obi Mhondera)

According to tatayouungworld.com, the voices are gudie's voices and NOT Tata's. What ever a guide voice is...I guess they mean that: its not Tata singing, its someone else.

LISTEN! on imeem.com
READ! the unofficial lyrics on tatayoungworld.com

Well? what do you think? I loved 'My Bloody Valentine' the songs sound more mature, yet they still have that 'poppy' feel to them. SQUEE! Now I REALLY can't wait!

Source: tatayoungworld.com
01 January 2009 @ 12:10 pm
First off: HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!! I hope you all have a great and prosperous new year!

Bangkok, December 23 - Tata Young, a singer in the same label with Tor+ Suksit, told us good news. Revealing that her new album which she has been working on for a long time, it's complete now! And it will be in stores next year. (2009) After flying to record her 3rd English album in Germany. Tata Young now has good news for all of her fans; her new album will be available globally in April next year. Besides developing her singing skills for this album, her looks and her sexiness are going to be hotter than ever! Tata denied saying what's so special about this coming up record, she said it's gonna be a surprise for her fans when the album is in stores!

Did you all just see that its gonna be GLOBALLY AVAILABLE. 2009 is looking fantastic already!
15 October 2008 @ 02:38 pm
Peraton Kasemsri Na Ayuthaya,
SonyBMG Music Entertainment (Thailand) MD reveals all:

Q: Tata Young and Europe plan, how do you anticipate?
A: She's still in Berlin, German. The songs in this album will be for Europe and Australia. The target group is foreigners. I can say the songs are great. We got songwriters from all over the world to write for Tata and she has done well.
Her new songs are more powerful, more emphasizing on her voice and her looks and appearance will also be different. The album will be released early next year, globally. Her eariler albums were based in Asia but this time it will be released in Europe and Australia and the 4th album will be released in America, gradually. We'll show Tata's talent instead of sexiness as we did before and of course, a lot more Asian.

Q: Do news and rumors affect Tata's career?
A: I don't think they do. As for Tata, I think it ended beautifully. I'm happy with her that she can go on with her own life. It's time to be in the recording studio without any nonsense thoughts so she could do it her best.
Gossips and rumors are apart from the album, they're not related to at all.

Ok, shes not in Berlin, shes back in Thailand, so this must of been some time ago, all you of you in America will haft to wait until her 4th English album, I would hate to be you now *rubs it in* xP
04 October 2008 @ 06:08 pm
Recently in the press conference for a new pocket book of Tata Young's closest freind, Kae Chollada. Tata's just returning from Berlin to be here.

It's the first time she reveals that she has given away all the dowry from her wedding, which still remains a hot topic for many newspapers and gossip magazines.

One of the reporters asked, "Prem's father said in a TV show that he wanted the diamond necklace and earrings back?"

Tata replied, "I've returned everything. Both necklace and earrings. There's nothing left now. It's all my intention to give them back."

Personally I would tell him to get lost (but then I wouldn't...) and keep the freaking diamonds! lol.

Source from yours truly: tatayoungworld.com
05 September 2008 @ 07:30 pm
Not much news in the Tata world recently, but lots of news about the 'break up' seriouly, how many interviews can Prem go to? anyways I found this magazine cover of Tata in 1999 (in the Thai year its 2542) on Tatayoungworld.com the magazine is called 'Di-Chan' (ดิฉัน) which means 'My Self' its a popular womans magazine here.

She looks so young! and 'farung!' its a lovely picture of her.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

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I'll hopefully have more up-dates next time thats not about the 'break up' of the decade (well...in Thailand anyways)
20 August 2008 @ 08:17 pm
DAMN! it was all cute and cuddly with the whole 100 million in between, LE DETAILS:

Amita "Tata" Young was all smiles in front of the press on Wednesday. She was there to talk about her show that night at the Holland Beer House, but she was also ready to talk about her busted relationship - and she admitted there have been plenty of tears.

Gone is the gloried and storied nine-month engagement to Prem Bussarakhumwong, whose family runs a boxing gym.

In its place was a cold question: Does Tata dare to love again?

There was a long pause. It's definitely the toughest question of all, Tata said, but she was soon affirming that she's not sick of love.

"I think everyone has to love, and I still want to love someone," she stressed.

The crying, she said, has been "a relief" - that and a computer boxing game that's helped her work off the stress of the break-up.

Tata has the blues, her manager Mu Fuengarom acknowledged, but she'll be all right in due time. "Everyone close to her is giving her moral support," Mu said, and lots of fans have found ways to cheer her on.

The press wanted to know what went wrong. Tata refused to be drawn on the details, other than pinning most of the blame on their conflicting work obligations.

"I got a chance to do a new album and Prem has his new projects too. So we have less time to talk."

She's just returned from recording the new CD in Germany.

In fact, she said, they haven't talked for four months.

As well, Tata didn't think it was fair to Prem having to share the glare of her spotlight, especially when things got personal. There was a lot of chatter when people noticed that both had stopped wearing their engagement rings.

"Whatever people say, Prem will always be a good man in my eyes, and I wish him luck and I'll love him forever. We're good friends."

Tata backed up what Prem's parents have already said - that no third party came between them. That's a rumour that doesn't seem ready to quit just yet.

MEH! celebrity relationships can never last for what ever reason...anyways enough sad talk, since its the biggest talk here and frankly it gets boring after a while XD lets watch this vidoe of Tata doing her thing at Holland Brewery in Bangkok


Source: tata2you.net, tatayoungworld.com