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Tata Young Fans

Is the first and original community on livejournal for the wonderful and talented singer/actress/model Tata Young! come join us and feel free to shrare anything as long as it is Tata related (that would make sense, since this is a Tata fans community) from news, to graphics and to just good opions or questions that you would like to ask about Tata! I'm sure one of us here will be able to answare you! There are only a few rules and they are simple to follow, so FOLLOW THEM! please.

1.Respect each other, we are all civilized people, if your looking for drama go else where.
2.If post pictures, its ok to have a teaser but it must be small and put all the big pictures in to the cut, it saves everyones friends page.
3.If posting graphics or icons, smae with the pictures you can do a 'teaser' of 3 icons and the rest must go in to the cut.
4.Type properly noT Leike ThIs. its much esaier to read.

Well thats it! I told you there were only a few rules, now join and have fun!, feel free to indtroduce yourself! its always wonderful to have a new memeber.


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